International Engagement of the Academy Faculty Member


In November-December 2019 Dr. Anja Mihr, DAAD visiting professor at the OSCE Academy participated in a number of international academic events and taught several courses in different countries. Dr. Mihr gave a talk on Governing Cyber Space at the "Democracy Conference Berlin in November 2019" Later, she gave a presentation at the Inter-American Conference "Lives in Motion" at the Colegio de Mexico, in Mexico City in November on The two waves of Transitional Justice in Europe since 1945 and 1990" Dr. Mihr also taught two intensive courses on "Transitology: From Democratization to Democracy" at the European Master Programme in Human Rights in Venice, Italy, in November 2019 and in the Arab Master Programme for Human Rights and Democratization in Beirut, Lebanon in December 2019., as part of the engagement in the Global Campus of Human Rights initiative



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